My child attends Goodnight Elementary now. He is in the top reading group, there are five students in his group and four of them are from Happyland.
— Amy Perez
My son was enrolled in the kindergarten program last year, 2017-2018. It was the first time he was in a school setting. When we were able to enroll him at Happyland, we were both relieved and worried. We had heard such wonderful things about the programs offered at your school, however we really didn’t want him to be behind moving forward, especially since he would have to move to another school the next year.
At the beginning of kindergarten my son was able to write his alphabet as well as recognize a few words. He could count to ten and was able to state his birthday but didn’t really know dates or the days of the week. By the end of the year, he knew each month, could state the date, and was beginning to tell time. The reading program was fantastic, by the end of the year he was able to read books independently, and he could also write sentences, and letters to his cousins without any help. Also, at the end of the year he was able to count to one hundred, count by 2s, 5s, and 10s. He was introduced to other subjects as well. He found a love for science and art through the kindergarten program.
At the beginning of this school year, my son went to do his literacy and math testing. Instead of reading at the first-grade level, he was already reading at a third-grade level. My son is excelling in each subject at school, and I truly believe that a large part of his success comes from the education and skills he learned during Kindergarten. The kindergarten program that is offered at Happyland is truly one of a kind.
— Tiffany Garcia
My daughter has attended Happyland for the last 3 years and in that time, she has grown and learned so much in her classes. When spending time with friends her age who do not attend Happyland her advancements in both her education and faith are very noticeable. Although what I am most thankful for in my daughter’s time with this school is that while making great gains both socially and intellectually, she has grown the most in her understanding and relationship with God. When it comes to the school’s safety policies and classroom curriculum every expectation has been far superseded. My family has come to find the teachers and staff with their care for our daughter some of the greatest blessing in our lives. My wife and I have always told our friends and family that of all the things we have spent our money on over the years without question the very best investment we have ever made was sending our daughter to Happyland.
— Adam Roman
We heard many wonderful things about Happyland Preschool and when we enrolled our two older children, we were very impressed with the wonderful attentive teachers and the warm and friendly atmosphere. We loved their reading program and give credit to Happyland for our older children excelling in school now and look forward to sending our daughter here next year.
— Danielle and Kyle Reed
We have been at the school almost 2 years. We love Mrs. Kendra Schomaker. She loves all the children. She takes time with each child to learn their individual needs and focuses on making them the best that they can be. She truly cares about every aspect of her job whether it’s teaching the children about God’s love, reading, writing, social studies, cooking. We are so thankful that she has been our daughter’s teacher. We feel she has given our daughter the love and patience she needs for a great start in the world.
Mrs. Kendra Schomaker is also involved in making the school a welcoming environment to parents and students. She gives her all with everything she does. She is such a loving and compassionate person and has a drive about her to be the best she can be.
We recommend this school from start to finish
— Donna Proctor