Social-Emotional Development

Help each child...

develop positive self-control, self-confidence, self-direction, self-discipline, and self expression

learn to like their self and feel comfortable in new surroundings in a group situation

learn respect for their self, others, and the property of self and others

develop security and a feeling of success, acceptance for failures and successes of self and others

develop a sense of responsibility and independence appropriate for age

learn to be a person other people enjoy being around

learn to give, share, and receive affection

Physical Development

Help each child...

develop coordination and strength

improve and develop large and small muscle motor skills

build strong bodies by providing nutritional foods, a healthy balance of rest, nourishment, and activity

learn healthy habits and proper care of bodies

Intellectual-Mental Development

Help each child...

learn to think, make good decisions and wise choices, carry out simple tasks, and follow directions

have rich experiences in solid learning

experience the joy and beauty of literature, art and music

develop a meaningful vocabulary

pursue interests wholeheartedly, develop new interests, and build on recent ones

extend his/her reach into the fascinating world of knowledge

provide many math and reading readiness activities 

Help each child...

develop spiritual values

learn respect for and love for God

learn to enjoy, appreciate, and become more aware of the beauty of God's world   

Spiritual Development

Parent Involvement

Help each parent...

feel welcome to visit the center

be involved with the center's activities

better understand their child


Mrs. Linda Kidd, Office Manager

Mrs. Jackie Pisarczyk, 3's Preschool Aide

Mrs. Paula O'Dorisio, 4's Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Cook, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant